Pressure Equipment

An effective integrity management program is well defined and complimentary to the company’s operations. The basic elements of a pressure equipment integrity program include sound engineering, quality manufacturing and construction, proper installation, company wide training, competent operations and strategic monitoring & inspection. The primary goals of these activities are a safe work environment, fewer unplanned stoppages and lower maintenance costs. With these goals met environmental protection and regulatory compliance will naturally fall into place.

As an authorized integrity assessment organization, Northern Materials Engineering can provide a complete suite of pressure equipment integrity management services, including:

  • Chief Inspector Duties
  • QA Manual Development
  • Visual Inspections
  • NDE Inspections
  • Installation Inspections
  • elTigre Pressure Equipment Data Management Database
  • Turnaround Planning
  • Database Management
  • Management of Change Administration
  • Equipment Repair Coordination and Inspection
  • Coating Inspection, Selection and QA
  • Regulatory Reporting and Liaison
  • Vendor Auditing